Did the COP28 led by an oil state manage to achieve anything ?


Corentin Gentil (LOCEAN): Did the COP28 led by an oil state manage to achieve anything ?

Sorbonne Université  4 place Jussieu  75005  Paris  Sorbonne Université LOCEAN Couloir 45-55 4e étage pièce 417

Date 23/01/2024
Organisateur LOCEAN


Ever since the United Arab Emirates took over the COP28 presidency, appointing a minister who is also CEO of the national oil company as COP President, controversy has been rife. This year, even more than in previous years, many NGOs have called for a boycott of this doomed COP. On the other hand, since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, we know that COP28 will be a crucial COP that is supposed to take stock of the commitments made by countries under the Paris Agreement, which only happens once every 5 years. It was therefore a closely watched COP, with high expectations on the part of civil society. The aim of this presentation will be to shed light on the course of COP28, the tensions that took place, the advances and
failures, and more generally to discuss the usefulness of COPs.

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Date & Time: Tue Jan 23 2024 11:00:00 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)
Room: 417 (LOCEAN,45-55 4th floor)

Zoom: https://ird-fr.zoom.us/j/98685498044?pwd=bC9HUDJMemkwVUx2bWthWFIxQkNOdz09