Alexey Fedorov : The response of tropical Pacific mean state and ENSO to global warming

Alexey Fedorov (LOCEAN and Yale University) 

Alexey Fedorov (LOCEAN and Yale University) : The response of tropical Pacific mean state and ENSO to global warming.

Sorbonne Université  4 place Jussieu  75005  Paris  Sorbonne Université LOCEAN Couloir 45-55 4e étage pièce 417

Date 04/07/2022
Organisateur LOCEAN


The response of the tropical Pacific to rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations remains uncertain. In particular, the projected development of the eastern equatorial Pacific warming pattern, and the associated weakening of the Walker circulation, contracts the strengthening of the Walker cell that has been observed during the past 30-40 years. Here we discuss the key mechanisms that shape ongoing and future changes in the tropical Pacific on different timescales, including the role of ocean thermostat competing with the eastern equatorial Pacific warming. We also discuss the robust strengthening of ENSO predicted in a broad range of realistic and idealized global warming experiments and across different models within the CMIP6 archive.

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Mon Jul 04 2022 15:00:00

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